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Please find details about the payment options available at Citrin Cooperman below. Should you have any questions regarding the status of your invoices and/or account balance, please reach out to AR/ for further assistance or call us at 212-697-1000. You may also pay and view your invoices online by going to Citrin Cooperman Client Portal (

Multiple Payment Options Available!

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 Recurring Payments                               

Never miss a payment by setting up recurring payments.                                                       
Click here for more information about setting up a recurring payment.                                                                                                                   






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 Credit Card                                          

Make payments with a credit card for a 3.5% processing fee or pay with a debit card for no additional processing fees.                                        
Click here to learn more about making payments with a credit or debit card.                       






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 ACH/ Bank Electronic Funds Transfer

With our secure payment portal, verify your bank account access to make a bank transfer to make payments with no additional processing fees.
Click here for more information about making secure payments with ACH / Bank Transfer.






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Pay by Check (Alert: New payment address below)

To pay by check, please make your check payable to Citrin Cooperman and include the invoice number(s) and client ID. You can mail the check to:

Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP Lockbox
P.O. Box 23945
New York, NY 10087-3945

Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC Lockbox
P.O. Box 23946
New York, NY 10087-3946 

Overnight/Courier Address:
JPMorgan Chase - Lockbox Processing
Attn: Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP Lockbox & Box #23945
4 Chase Metrotech Center
7th floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245

Overnight/Courier Address:
JPMorgan Chase - Lockbox Processing
Attn: Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC Lockbox & Box #23946
4 Chase Metrotech Center
7th floor East
Brooklyn, NY 11245

Make a Payment Details

Citrin Cooperman (CC) now delivers our invoices for payment electronically. Click the Pay Now button below to make a payment.

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Invoices and statements are email delivered from

Note: Our invoice email(s) may look slightly different as we are using our new payment provider, Aiwyn (formerly Anduin), to facilitate online payments for our invoices.

Please note is a no reply email. For assistance accessing your online payment account, please reach out to for all online support concerns.

For inquiries regarding 1) invoice balance(s) outstanding, 2) requesting a copy of open invoices, or 3) status of services being performed. Please reach out, by:

  • Contacting your CC partner directly and/or local office contact.
  • Calling our main line at (212) 697-1000 and leaving a message. Please allow 24 hours for a response.
  • Send a general inquiry by clicking Contact Us (

Why Pay Online?

With our secure portal, you can make a payment with, or without registering for a payment portal account. Learn more about how to register for an account or how to pay without an account.

The new payment portal, Aiwyn (formerly Anduin), will allow you to:

  • Save payment methods
  • Schedule future payments
  • Pay with a debit/credit card
  • Add multiple accounts to your payment portal
  • Pay using ACH/Bank Transfer for no processing fees

Through our new online payment portal system, easily make a payment via one of the methods below:

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Helpful Resources

Online Payment Assistance –

Pay Without an Account – Pay Invoice without user account – Anduin (

Account Creation – Create New User Account – Anduin (

  • Please note, to create your account, you will need an email address, password, and your client ID and invoice number, which can be found on any Citrin Cooperman invoice.

Not Receiving Your Invoice or Statement Emails? – Please make sure to do the following:

  • Have your most recent contact information updated on your CC account.
  • Safe list the email at your company or personal email account.
  • Check your junk, spam, or deleted folder.

Video How-To Guide Here's a step-by-step video to help you.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

New User Account: Client Information Request

Create and Use a Saved Payment

Do Not See an Invoice To Pay

Link Multiple Accounts to User

Can’t Download PDF of Invoice

Failed ACH Payment

Did Not Receive a Payment Receipt Email

Request Refund

Payment Security Statement

Reset a Password

Still having trouble? Please contact